Privacy Policy & Data Protection

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

At Brook House Youth FC, we are committed to safeguarding and respecting your privacy. This notice outlines how we may use personal information collected during your membership or participation in club activities. References to “Club,” “we,” “our,” or “us” refer to Brook House Youth FC. Our goal is to ensure compliance with data protection laws and inform you of your rights.

As the Data Controller, the Club is responsible for securely processing any personal data you provide for membership or activity participation. We follow principles of fairness, lawfulness, security, and transparency. To facilitate your club membership, we may share your details, including name and contact information, with Brook House FC Limited.

Additionally, to complete player registrations, we share players’ names and birthdates with the Harrow League.

Information we collect

  1. Personal Information: We collect personal information such as your full name, date of birth, gender, address, contact number, and email address to ensure accurate identification, effective communication, and to maintain up-to-date records of our players.
  2. Emergency Contact Information: Providing emergency contact details allows us to quickly reach out to a designated person in case of any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies involving the player.
  3. Medical Information: Disclosing any existing medical conditions or allergies helps us ensure the safety and well-being of the player during training sessions and matches. It enables our coaches and staff to provide appropriate care and take necessary precautions.
  4. Previous Football Experience: Gathering information about previous club affiliations and level of play helps us understand the player’s background and experience. This enables us to assign them to appropriate teams or programs within our club.
  5. Parent/Guardian Information: Collecting parent or guardian details allows us to establish a reliable line of communication. We may need to contact them regarding club updates, scheduling, emergencies, or other relevant matters.
  6. Consent for Photos Publishing: Seeking your consent to publish photos of the player on our website and social media accounts helps us celebrate achievements, promote club activities, and share the joy of the sport with our community. We respect your preferences and will always prioritize the player’s privacy and safety.

For training and competition entry: 

  • Sharing personal data with Club Managers/Coaches and Officials to administer sessions, matches, and events.
  • Sharing data with facility providers and the Football Association / Harrow League for access and participation.

Data Retention

  • We retain your data during your club membership.
  • We aim to remove your information within 1 year of membership expiry or deregistration.
  • We review records before each season to ensure updated information.
  • Information of departed members is removed within 1 year.

Storage of your Data
We may use a GDPR-compliant third-party host.
We limit data access to officials needing it for specific tasks.
We use Google Cloud Storage for registration data, with their privacy notice linked

The FA Whole Game System and Online Player Registration System
We use The FA Whole Game System for club administration, player registration, and more.
The system securely maintains player histories.
Parents receive “Whole Game System Player Registration” details.
The FA’s Privacy Notice is available online

Your Data Rights
Access & Portability: Request your data, restrict or object to processing, or obtain portability.
Email us at to exercise these rights.

Social Media and Messaging Platforms
We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp.
Provider privacy policies apply; we aren’t responsible for them.
Check policies before sharing data on club social media.

Other websites
We link to external sites; their privacy policies differ.
We can’t control their content or availability.
Our policy applies to our site only and are not responsible for the content of external sites.

Changes to our privacy policy
We regularly review our policy and update it on our site.

Cookies gather website usage data.
Manage cookies as outlined on

If you have any queries regarding this policy or the data collected, please contact the Club by emailing: