Adams Fitness

Welcome to the Adams Fitness Community!
I’m Adam Mohammed, a personal trainer, football coach, footballer, massage therapist and DSE assessor.

My philosophy behind Adams Fitness came from different perspectives. As a personal trainer, I recognised people need to move more in order to keep their body in good health. As a massage therapist, I wanted the best for the people such as to improve recovery and make people feel better. As a football coach I want to develop better players and enhance their overall performance. As a DSE assessor, I wanted to provide the education to sedentary workers to help combat body pains. To solve this problem, I put Adams Fitness together a holistic approach to fitness. It started 4 years ago then gained so many ideas with what we can do as a company such as personal training sessions, football sessions, massages, plans and e-books.

We have helped thousands of people through social media platforms and aim to get people fitter physically and mentally. A holistic approach to fitness is important, by applying exercise, nutrition, mindset and wellbeing. These core fundamentals promote growth in all of us, at Adams Fitness we aim to provide this approach to all our fit fam who want to achieve more in life.

We believe a healthy body will produce positive effects not only physically but also mentally. Changing your attitude will change your outlook on life. Facing your fears by combating them through hard work will enable you to realise anything is possible.

I want to spread the love to everyone that helped Adams Fitness grow. We want people to keep growing and through our services. I always remain humble and grateful for this opportunity that I can provide life changing services to help better people’s lives through support and love. If you want to discuss anything about Adams Fitness I would be happy to hear from you.